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1 tammaqsimajuqtaqamimat, tammaqsimallariqtuq ataani 7-12, inuttituuliqtausimajuq aulatauninganu ikajurutiit piliriaq ataani tunijaujuni, inuttituuliqsimajuq, inuttituuliqsimajuq uqaqsimamma inuit pinnguarusingi. There's also a mistake, a huge mistake under 7-12, the Inuktitut translation for Municipal Operating Assistance Program under contributions, in the Inuktitut translation, the translation states the Inuit games. 20010320
2 ilagiarlugi pinnguarutauniartut taakkunani, inuit pinnguarusingi pinnguaqtaulaartut tamarmi makkuttunu amma qattituinnarnu arraagulinnu. In addition to these sports, the Inuit games competition will have both youth and open-age categories. 20041118
3 maannaujuq atuqattaqtavu qallunaat pinnguarusinginnu - vasikivaa, vanipaa, amma asigalangi, kisianili piqasiutinialiqtavu inuit pinnguarusingi. What we do now is we have those traditional southern sports, basketball, volleyball, and all that other stuff, but what we are going to do is include the traditional games of the Inuit. 20050309
4 pinnguqtulirinirmu aulattijiit ilinniasinnaaqtitausimajut amma katimaqatigisimajavu piqasiujjauluti inuit pinnguarusingi. The recreation coordinators have been given a workshop and we had a meeting to let them talk about including Inuit games. 20050309

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