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1 piqataulauqpunga sivulliqpaatsiami ukiuqtaqtumi pinnguavijjuaqtillugit, taikanilu takurannaalauqtunga inuit pinnguarusinginnit. 1970mi ukiuqtaqtumi pinnguavijjuaqtut pigialiqtillugit taikaniilauqpunga suqquimaliqtungalu tunngasaqtauningit 2002mi marruunniinniarmat nunaliqjuanik, maani iqalunni ammalu nuummi akukittut nunanganni. I was participating in the first Arctic Winter Games and I was observing the Inuktitut games over there. Back in1970 when the Arctic Winter games were first beginning and I was there I came to understand that the hosting of the games 2002 will be done by 2 countries, here in Iqaluit and in Nuuk, Greenland. 20000331
2 uqaqtii, nalliuniqsiurniq ilaqalaaqpuq piliutijunik iliqqusituqaqtigut inuit pinnguarusinginnit ukiuqtaqtumi. Uqaqtii, the festival will include competition in the traditional Inuit Northern Games. 20021101
3 uqaqtii, taakkua upigittiaqtaakkak ilisatittivangmatik inuusuktuqutittinnit inuit pinnguarusinginnit. I am very proud of these individuals as they teach our young athletes our traditional games. 20060302
4 taikaniittilluta tainna nunatsiarmiut sivuliqtinga bet-qatigilauqsimagakku pigialirataaqtillugit inuit pinnguarusinginnit. I just want to mention that I went to the Canada Winter Games ceremonies and the Northwest Territories Premier and I made a bet at the beginning of the Inuit Games. 20070312

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