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1 inuit pinnguarusingit ukiuqtaqtumi pinnguavijjuaqtuni Inuit Events at AWG 20000331
2 iluanngiliurutitaqarnaraqtauvuq, inuit pinnguarusingit pigiaqtitausimagaluaqtillugit kanatamiunut aaqqiijunnanngilat pijauniarmangaata inuit pinnguarusingit maani iqalunni nuummiluunniit akukittut nunanganni. There has been apparently some kind of a problem, even though the Inuit games were begun by the members of the Canadian delegation they cannot decide whether to hold the Inuit games here in Iqaluit or in Nuuk, Greenland. 20000331
3 aaqqiisimanngittugut nalliannik inuit pinnguarusingit pijauniarmangaata. We have not quite decided which country the Inuit games will be held in. 20000331
4 kisianili, nunavumiutigut uqaqsimavugut inuit pinnguarusingit tamaggiinnut katujjaujariaqarmat. However, we Nunavummiut have stated that both countries should share Inuit games. 20000331
5 ilangit tamaani iqalunniittarialiit inuit pinnguarusingit ilangillu nuummi, taimannaummat atangiijunnaniaqpavut nunaliqjuat inuit pinnguarusingatigut. Some Inuit games should be held in Iqaluit and some in Nuuk so that we can cover both countries when it comes to Inuit games. 20000331
6 ukiuqtaqtumi ukiukkut pinnguavigjuarmirmut uutturniq - inuit pinnguarusingit ammalu vaaskitvaal AWG Territorial Trials - Inuit Sports & Basketball 20011119
7 tusattiarikkit kisiani ukiuqtaqtumi pinnguarniuvattut, qaujimajutit inuit pinnguarusingit ammalu pinnguaqtauvakkillutik ukiuqtaqtumi pinnguavijjuarniuvattunik. I hear you but the Northern Games, as you know they're Inuit traditional games and they're also played in the Arctic Winter Games. 20020510
8 taakkua inuit pinnguarusingit imailingaqattaqtut: qangatallutik, qiggiqattaqtut, tukiqsiqattaqtut, qaningagullu nusuuqattautijut. Some of these sports include such traditional sports as the airplane, high kick, knuckle hop, and mouth pull, just to name a few. 20060302
9 013 - 2(4): inuit allaillu pinnguarusingit (tapaaqjuk)...07 013 – 2(4): Inuit and Dene Games (Tapardjuk) ...07 20070309

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