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Query: pinnguarusirnut
Total frequency: 4

List of all the 4 matches in the Hansard.
1 amisut parnatausimavut iliqqusituqaqtigut pinnguarusirnut pinnguaqtaulauqsimanngilat taimannganit sivulliqpaamit ukiuqtaqtumiut pinngualilauqsimammata inuuvimmit 1969-mit. Many of the planned traditional games haven't been played since the first Northern Games that were held in Inuvik in 1969. I am truly looking forward to watching our youth during theses games to continue their practice into the future. 20021101
2 innatuqaillu pinnguaqatauvalaurmijut ilanginnut pinnguarusirnut suilaaqijuinnaulauqsutillu. The elders also took part in some games and everybody had a lot of fun. 20040513
3 qaujijumatuinnaqpunga katujjiqatigiitaarunnarmangaatta inuit iliqqusituqangitigut pinnguarusirnut suurlu nakatarnirmut. I was wondering if we can get an association with traditional games where you throw rocks to put the rock down. 20050311
4 170 - 2(3): qujaliniq ukiuqtaqtumi pinnguarusirnut (kuuli)...203 170 – 2(3): Tribute to Arctic Sports (Curley)...202 20060302

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