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1 uqaqtii, maannaujuq upigijumajakkat iqalummiutaujut piluaqtumik gitiuni ammalu saituki juumi, pitsiulaaq alainnga pijumattiarnirilauqtanginnut angirsimaninginnullu ammalu qaujivaallitittinirmut iliqqusituqaqtigut pinnguarusiujunik iqalunnut nunavungmullu. Mr. Speaker, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate these Iqaluit residents, in particular, Gideonie and Sytokie Joamie and Pitseolak Alainga for their interest and dedication in supporting and bringing awareness of the cultural aspects of traditional games to Iqaluit and to Nunavut. 20010223
2 quvianarmat takunnaqtuni asinginnik inunnik ilauqattaqtuni pinnguarusiujunik takulaursimanngitarnik. It is good to watch other people participate in other games that you have not seen. 20010315

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