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A compiled version of the Inuktitut Morphological Analyser UQA·ILA·UT is now available. Encapsulated into a Java .jar file, the analyser can be executed locally on your personal computer, either directly from the command line (figure 1), or by calling a method in a Java program (figure 2). The inuktitut word is given as an argument on the command line or to the Java method. The resulting decomposition or decompositions are returned in a string. A decomposition is an expression representing the sequence of morphemes that the word is composed of, where each morpheme is given as its surface form in the word followed by its unique reference id in the linguistic database. The .jar file also contains methods that return the meaning of a decomposition, that is, the meaning of each morpheme in the decomposition (figure 3). Finally, a set of text files with the meanings of all the morphemes (roots and suffixes) of the database, as used in the decompositions, can also be found in the download file.

Figure 1. Execution of the Inuktitut Morphological Analyser from the command line.

Figure 2. Calling the Inuktitut Morphological Analyser from a Java program.

Figure 3. Example of the meanings of a decomposition returned by the Java methods.


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